nice pics to be seen (part 1)
12:33 AM


irk test
2:02 PM

yesterday (wednesday 23rd) was my irk-test day. i was the only who hadn't done the test, because last wednesday i was having my pahlawan cheerleading practice at 3.00pm so yeah, i skipped the test.

i should say, the test was REALLY HARD. well, it wouldnt be that hard IF i did some revision. most of my friends got 70 plus and above, and honestly, i think i'd fail the test, really. NO NO NO, the word 'think' should be replaced with 'am sure and sure and sure and one million percent sure'. HAHA ohmygod kinah. i shouldnt have said that, but yeah haha.

Questions and Answers

why did i not revise before? easy, i was quite laaaayzehh last week haha. why was i lazy? because i was tired. why was i tired? because i had to attend the cheerleading practices almost everyday. why did i attend the practices? because i love to dance. why do i prefer dancing than revising? BECAUSE DANCING MEANS SHAKIN' THE BODYY! revising means that we just have to sit and learn and study and revise. hahaha *my mind is currently thinking bad @:)

piccas of national day
5:35 PM

this goes particularly to janet =D janet, just take our pics disini ok haha, :)

and here are also some pics of me and other friends. HEHE.

awww i miss the national day practices and celebration!

pahlawan practice
9:26 PM

Pahlawan's dance moves this year are kinda better than the previous years'. This year's song is JUST FINE by Mary J Blige,and and it's kinda cool for me because the song is not that fast, but not too slow as well.
just fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine hahaha im starting to love this song, really. our dance moves really fit this song. the practices are held every monday till thursday at 3.00pm.

but there will be practices on sunday for this and next week. hope pahlawan will win the dance match. anyway just for your info, here are the songs for all four sporthouses:

the event will be in may, at belapan i think hahaha! :D goodluck, pahlawan.


3:14 PM

day three. i woke up at 8.45 at got ready by 9am. we searched for the taxi and went to the MRT station. from geylang, first we went to raffles place and i had my shopping at raffles city, and we had the chance to go the merlion park and then to esplanade. then we headed to city hall or city link im not sure where i had my next shopping.

at this time, wardah texted me, asking whether we were gonna meet or not. i said yes ofcourse! it's been a while since i last met her duhh! haha :D so yeah, we planned to meet up at the suntec city at 2pm. and luckily i met her then! i was like, shouting, "OHMYYYGAAAWWWDDD. WARDDDDAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" and we hugged! she brought her friend along too, whose name is FATIN. hehehe HIII FATIIINNN ;)

both wardah and fatin showed me the places which were worth to go. I was, at that time, searching for a shop which sold wallets, then wardah was like "eh i know where kin! arah the wallet shop ada tuuuu" and i was ''ooooookayyy so lets go there" and she was rightttttt! THIS SHOP IS REALLY, I SHOULD SAY, COOOOLLLLLL! there were lotsa things sold such as hot pencil cases and wallets, and even coooool sling bags that i couldnt even pick one to buy!

after like, 40minutes being inside the shop, finally i bought one hot bag and one nice wallet hehehe :D then we went to KFC to eat. there were these 4 hot chinese guys passing by us and we were like, "eh eh, tuu nah hot hot ah" LOL! but truth said, they were REALLY hot. hahaha :)

we only hung out for about 2 hours, hmmm what a short time. wardah and fatin had to go back to their hostel and i had to go to somewhere else, as that day was my last day in s'pore and that i had to go to the hotel early to pack my things up. my last stop was at bugis. Bugis street was more like petaling street in KL, where there were booths selling cheap things. there, i bought a bag AGAIN, since it was cheap! hahahahaha ;] and i had a chance of my face being drawn near the bugis street. i had to sit down and wait for 20minutes till the artist finished the drawing. and i should say, the artist who drew my face IS TALENTED, you should go there people!

p/s; i also went to the orchard road hehe ;D


i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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