F - U - N.
9:43 PM

i went to gadong at around 1 pm. i was in the car, feeling nervous. haha i just couldn't figure out why did i have that feelin' haha ! then i saw dyna, wardah and her brother, standing just near the Chill. i stepped out of the car, saying byebye to my dad and mom and immediately shouted at them. they were like "HEYYYYYY!" haahah. i asked them who else was coming and wardah said she was waiting for her groupmates; fatin and farahin. Tyrah was away for a short vacation, i guess. So, we went in and go jalan jalan until we stopped - we met the guys. oh lets just skip the part when we met them bcos my good mood will start fading if the story of those guys came into my mind. i dont know why, but everytime i see them, i don't care whether i see them at school or anywhere, i'll go like "ughhh, hilang mood ku". dyna and bilah and my QLs know that well, right girls ? ; )

oh when we were at the second floor, i saw FARAH and WAF ! hahaha : D after having a short chat with them, we continued going to the third floor, where we saw wardah's ex, WHO DID NOT EVEN SAY HI OR at least SMILE when wardah said hey to him. it's okay wardah, you don't have to buat buat friendly if you saw him again okay ? yeah and then afif came in sight and said hey to wardah. i GUESS he's my friend too (hahaha bcos i knew him during the national day and the practices haha), so i said "afif, aku kawan mu jua hahaha nadadeh," then he was like, "awu eh ko ah." and we punched our hands up (you get what i mean right ?)

PROM NIGHT was the movie we chose to watch. after watching it, here's my point of view:

yeah whatever, the last point is not to be considered hahahaha ! oh we went to ideal to eat and made a surprised birthday celebration for aizat, wardah's brother. Then Dyna, Bilah and i had to say goodbye to wardah, aizat and her other cousins bcos we had to accompany bilah to the mall back because she said she was going home soon, but she wasn't. it turned out to be that her mom was still at home, so we kinda played with our time by having a walk around the mall, and took FUNNY PICTURES ! especially the jumping parts ! i love it ! the pictures we've taken were so cool !

all we did was funny. all we had was fun. we really nailed it, didn't we, dyna and bilah ?! thank goodness bilah brought her camera ! hahaha thanks bilahhhhhh ! ; ) i had soooo much fun throughout the evening ! oh yeah i had fun with wardah, fatin, farahin and the sister, aizat, and the other two friends of wardah too (kinda) haha !

welcome back wardah ; )
10:52 AM

welcome BACK ! this wardah surprised me at school yesterday oomagad. trisya was shouting at me like "KIIINAAAAHHHHHH!" and i shouted back "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??!" and they were like "WARDAAAH AH ! WARDAHHHH NE DATANG AH !" then i was so bangang like "whhaaaat??" because i chatted with her the other night and i thought she was still in s'pore. rupaaaaanyaaaaa she was already back in brunei ! she was at home ! so i CRIED. tears of joy, wardah ; ) love ya.

DN jailhouse rock.
10:18 PM

my one and only.

Meet my boyfriend.
9:42 PM

Say HELLO to my hot boyfriend, DANNY NORIEGA ; ) we've been dating for 3 months. Call him gay, call him a loser. You'll die, soon. THAT'S MY WORD. KEEP THAT IN YOUR MIND, WILL YA ?
ohhh im sooo proud to be your girl, danny.

"welcome to hollywood !" - randy jackson.

oooomygaaad i'm so in looooove.

back off girls, he's giving those flowers to me.

we actually agreed to meet up here but i was late so he waited for hours.

i'll be on your side, honey.


Ms.Lim and her coordination problem joke.
7:56 PM

oomygaad cher, your joke this morning was really funny. i wasn't expecting you to make jokes like that ! HAHAHA ! i just can't stop laughing everytime it comes to my mind lol ! we love you miss lim !

i am hungry, feed me.
8:21 PM

this evening, 3.30 pm. i was surfing the net as usual when somehow there was a disco going on in my tummy. i was, coincidentally, checking on pictures of cakes and muffin. then i saw this bummy yummy cake, which made me go hungrier .

so i phoned dad, who was at hua ho, maybe buying some camera batteries, to come home 'now' ! when he reached home he asked what was the matter then i said "babah i'm so hungry, pasal just now i saw a picture of a tasty cake arah internet ah ! laju tah ke Le'Apple bah, please ! babu cakap manasaja. " he asked mom and mom was like, "i'm on" and so we went to Le'apple then. HAHA. woaaaahhhh once we reached there i straight got into the shop and had a look on varieties of delicious cakes. finally the oreo cheese somehow attracted me (although i've eaten that cake many times last year) so i bought it.

On our way home, it was raining heavily so dad had to drive about like, 60.. km/h ? i don't know but i could tell that was freakin' slow ! "jalan licin bah" he said.

at home i finally ate it and the cake is still not finished yet, till now. i'll continue eating the rest tmr. lol i blew the candle as if it was my birthday ! haha ! oh yeah have an attention to what had been written on the cake ; ) i think it's cool, don't you think ?

White Chicks: Yo Momma Scene
9:31 PM

people, this is the most amazing plus funniest plus craziest part of my all-time favourite movie!
heather : your mother shops at saks
tiffany : uhh.. ? squeeze me ?
heather+megan : psssss..

tiffany : oooomyygaaad you wanna talk about mothers.. you wanna talk about mothers.. aww it's mother's time !
brittany: okay, your mother is so dumb that she went to Dr. Dre for a pap smear
tiffany : awww ! something's wrong dr. dre ! my coochie's doing a beatbox
heather : yeah ?! well your mother's so stupid that she exercises when she could just get like, liposuction or something.tiffany : your mother is so old that her breast milk is powdered. You breast-feed like this *blow* !
heather (losing): your mother is SO like.... she's sooo... megan you go !
megan : your mother is so stupid that she went to barney rooftop deck restaurant for lunch and orders a nicoise salad and she calls it NIKOIS salad ! hahaha.. ! NIKOIS salad riighht (no one laughs)
Tiffany: Yo mother's ass is so hairy, it looks like don king's about to pop out and say "ONLY IN AMERICA!" (girls laughing)
Heather: Your mother's so stupid that she goes into Gucci and she tries to buy like, Fendi and stuff.
boohooo you vandergelds, the wilson sisters won ; )

i wanna put this in toooooo.
7:20 PM

yeah i wanna put this in too, it's about wardah's birthday ; ) wardah is my kinda-close friend (haha) who just had her birthday 4 days ago (which was on the 17th). happy belated birthday loveeeeeee ;) all best for your on going life in singapore (she made us proud man.) wondering why did she do so ? because last year she was offered a scholarship to study in singapore, ugh i was sooo jealous, and still am. haha ! i miss you wardah, come back soon ! and once again, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. LOVE YA ;D


angah's house.
6:40 PM

last night, EH NO, last monday night my family and i went to my angah's house, because they had this meeting about abang adam's engagement. whooaaaaa congrats bang ! ;) just couldn't believe he's getting engaged w his girl, we're so happy for ya ! ohyeah syikin took this pic, and i think it's lawa (i mean, not me but the way she captured it haha) okay ! ;) it's lawa qin, no worries i won't be angry lol

momma's day part II
4:10 PM

oh this is the cake =))))) - at nenek's house

momma's day ;)
4:00 PM

this is to babu, all my amits, and nenek. and mothers in the world. happy momma's day ! i changed the mother to momma bcos it sounds more 'yo momma' haha =D

so yeah, mom ! happy momma's day, i love you :) i know im late, but i've greeted you riiiighhhht ? happy happy always, mom :D

school band + choir.
11:58 AM

just got back from school. we had choir thing, so yeah we were asked to come to the school at 6.30am for one last rehearsal. haha but i came at around 7.00am lol =D we sang the 'bahagia brunei darussalam' which used to be the song that made us the champ during the choir competition. there're loadsa things happened today, but i guess i've typed out the important one- the choir. oh, anis has the video of the choir with her. i wanna see it, nis !

thanks, xxoo

betty crocker's cookies; extra infos :)
8:46 PM

i copied these from the chatbox or whatever you call it haha :D

Amal: LOL kinah! u forgot the one who introduced u to Betty Crocker's cookies ey
Details 2008-05-05 11:44 AM

Kinners: hahaha. okay okay. lemme put this back. "thanks to AMAL for introducing the recipes to me n thanks AGEN to amal for telling me where to buy them!"
Details 2008-05-05 12:40 PM

betty crocker's homemade cookies.
2:59 PM

heyya ! i've just finished my bakes. My mom, when she saw me baking the cookies, said that i can be a good mom, eyw. just uh, i am too young to care. lol :) so, LADIES and GENTLEMEN, the cookies that i made today were Betty Crocker's Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies. It's quite easy to bake them. The flour and chocolate chips are already ready-packed. You're only going to need 1/2 cup of butter, and an egg (i feel weird telling all these haha).

  1. Preheat the oven to 70 degrees
  2. Stir all those butter, egg and the flour whatever till you get your doughs
  3. start shaping your doughs into round shapes or anything you like
  4. put them in the oven and wait for 10-13 mins.

EASY ! hmm maybe i'll opena bakery of my own one day..... NOT :D

when i didnt get what i aim.
7:28 PM

riiight. we had our sports day at padang kebajikan this morning. i broke a record; i woke up at 5.45 am ! wahah, baru ya. usually my wake up time is 6.30am haha, but since i had a cheerleading thing to do, i had to lol.

the event started with warm up thing, then march pasts. i couldnt really see the students' marches, we cheerleaders were quite busy and our captain was giving a short briefing. we couldnt get to see panglima's cheerleading too.

oh, panglima was the first to perform, then hulubalang, then us pahlawan, an the last was laksamana, with their whine up thing haha.

my friend managed to record videos of all the four houses' performances. GOOD! haha ! ;D
thanks, nadzirah :) oh yeah here are the results of all the four houses:

  1. Hulubalang
  2. Laksamana
  3. Panglima
  4. Pahlawan - blegh, buncit.


  1. Laksamana - Congratulations
  2. Pahlawan
  3. Hulubalang
  4. Panglima

There's one thing i noticed; hulubalang always wins when it comes to cheerleading.

p/s i still do not know what song was panglima using. but i know it's shaggy's.

i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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