Berabut Berabis
1:31 PM

thanks to these Berabut Berabis peeps who had rocked my 4 days of kem qiadah :

Hanis Jasmine
Wafaa Atiqah
Anis Bazilah
'KAKA' Wina ;P
and not to forget,
Miss Lee Kok Siang
Mr. Chok
Miss Adina
Miss Rodziah
you guys rock !

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jalanjalan again ahah
12:10 AM

again, wardah and my gang and akat went to gadong tadi. jalanjalan and we watched kungfu panda ! hahahaha cali ! lol ! the way si panda killed tai lung was a bit inda logic hahahaah ; ) oh yeah dyna asked me to pick one thing dari ego shop. and she would pay for it. Pasaaaaal.... it was for my birthday present hahahaha! thanks dyna ! oh yeah and i saw lots of MS people tadi.
here's a picture of me, wearing the bracelet. and please have a focus on the bracelet SAJA. not my face lol !

KQ4, the hell-yeah-it-was-dayyym-fun camp.
4:06 PM

woaaahh i miss THE CAMP.
kem qiadah, which started on the 13th (my birthday haha) and ended yesterday, was daaaayyym FUN! i love kem qiadah. i love kem qiadah. i love kem qiadah. hmm i don't wanna talk banyak banyak about what went on during the camp okay ? sikit-sikit saja, haha. but basically, there were 10 groups which were the:
Berabut Berabis (my gang)
every group had their own cheer, and the ones which i love the most are:




majal: their song was awesome ! i love the lyrics !


it was miss lee kok siang's idea.
actually it came from the slogan which we made for bukit shahbandar and it sounded 'BUKIT SHAHBANDAR... INI MACAM, INI MACAM, INI MACAM !'
but then we decided to change the word 'bukit shahbandar' to 'berabut berabis'.

three funniest moments which i've faced were:

the hiking : when we reached a checkpoint where we were asked to make a song for our group, actually azim was supposed to say 'shut up and listen!' tapinya since he was so nervous, he shouted 'LISTEN AND SHUT UP!' hahahahaha!

the 'amazing race' at pantai muara : when we started running, we saw a lady in orange t-shirt standing near the beach. but once we reached her, it turned out to be that, it was not a checkpoint. SHE WAS JUST A LADY who was not involved in any event of the camp. in other words, she was 'orang lain'. hahahaha! ! LOLOLOLOL! kami ani besemangat sudah, skalinya.... salah urg.. mantang2 pakai baju orange hahaha ;DDD aku ketawa sampai limpang-limpang arah rumput hahaaha, buang masa jua tu kan ? haha but at least we had fun !

the eating session arah this checkpoint: we were asked to eat this sour to the max food, which consisted of a burger, a mayonnaise, two onion rings and a sour drink which i dont know what it was. haha. syafiq was about to eat the bread, tapi masa ia baru gigit, roti atu telapas and landed arah si anis punya kepala, like WHADDHA HELL ?! ketawa jua kami tu! hahaha baik jua si anis gugur kan semula roti atu arah piring hahaha! mun inda wah, tepaksa si syafiq makan arah kepala si anis tu eh hahaha! LOL pek, LOL!

we had three cheers for the group:

1. "Berabut berabis.. ini macam, ini macam, INI MACAM!"

2. "we're the champ of kem qiadah, and you know we are the one ! says who ? BERABUT. says who? BERABIS. Gooooo..... BERABUT !"

3. "we love kem qiadah, we are here to rock and roll, we love kem qiadah, we are here to berabut"

AZIM; " yo yo yo yo people ! listen and shut up (haha)! we are here to be the champion okay ?! to be what ? THE CHAMPION! to be what? THE CHAMPION! to be what? THE CHAMPION ! and who are we? BERABUT BERABIS ! who are we? BERABUT BERABIS ! who are we??!!!! BERABUT BERABIS !


nice pics to be seen (part 3)
9:30 PM

KHALISH's and AMAL's presents

presents given by the QLs plus mom and dad. NICE!

close up: mom and dad's gifts. yeah the pink rectangular thing is what im talking about.

more pictures will be uploaded soon.

The 3-hour-wait, the surprise, and not to forget, THE BEST.
7:45 PM

This story is going to be LOOOOONNNGGGGG.

YA ALLAH YA TUHAN. Yeah that comes first in my mind when im typing this. TODAY is like the BEST day I’ve ever had… yet a bit worse.. in some ways. HAHA! Here the story goes…
At 12.40pm, bilah and I went to the canteen area as planned by Khaulah, Ziyah and Dyna. Yesterday they asked us to wait for them there. When we reached the canteen, we met wardah, who told us to join her eating the nasi ayam. So while waiting for those three girls, we decided to join her. Wardah had ‘booked’ (haha) a table for us, so I ate the nasi ayam too. And still, the three queens had not come over yet. Farahin, nazatul and some other friends passed by and joined us. Then Wardah went for a date with akat for a while and so, bilah and I just stayed behind and talked with farah and nazatul. Then nazhrah joined the talk too. She was talking about her frustration over her friend. AND I CAN’T TELL YOU WHO. Sabar saja nazhrah ah ; )

2 HOURS PASSED. IT WAS 2.30 PM. Those three girls were not there yet. I suggested bilah that maybe we should text them and ask them where they were. Bilah handed over her phone to me and I texted DYNA. The message read : “Dyna, kamu di mana? We’re at the canteen now, batah jua kamu !” something like that hahaha! But but but, she DID NOT REPLY US AT ALL, which made me go “GRRRRRR” and sleepy at the same time. Bilah was getting tired and lazier. We planned to threaten them by texting them “We’re gona go home if you guys didn’t show up okay!” this time there was a reply, from khaulah. She said “Eh don’t go home yet ! Tunggu kajap, kami jumpa teacher dulu.. tunggu ah”.
Wardah came back from her ‘date’ and asked us to take pictures with them (farah, nazatul and her). So we took pictures, pictures…. AND PICTURES. AND THIS WAS ONE OF THE ENJOYABLE MOMENTS. YEAH.

We took about half an hour to finish taking funny pictures. And after that ‘session’, the five of us went back to the canteen…. Then came the boring part. We CONTINUED WAITING. The clock was now showing ‘3.10pm.’ Munawwir came by and chatted with us and wardah asked him to sign her notebook. I WAS GETTING MAD AND MAD AND MAD. I asked every person who passed by our table if they knew where Khaulah, Dyna and Ziyah were ! And ALL of them said “oh sorry, I saw them tadi but masani I don’t know where they are.”

3.25 PM. HAFIY suddenly came to me and gave me an envelope which has a letter in it of course. I asked him where he got it and he said hazwan told him to give it to me. And the letter was from DYNA. "Letter? OOMAGAD maybe they already went home and said sorry to us. NO!" i thought. When i opened it, i was surprised to see some kind of a clue or hint for a TREASURE HUNT. The letter said : "Go to staircase A, second floor. On the noticeboard you'll find another letter." Bilah and i was like "WHAAAAAAATTTTT ?????!!! ARE YOU KIDDING?!"

and sooooo, we packed our things up, said goodbye to wardah and the friends and made our move.

We did what the letter asked us to do. And yes, when we reached the second floor on staircase A, i found a letter. We opened it and the second clue said "use the closest staircase, go the metal thing. it's straight and it goes DAM-DAM-DAM. you'll find another letter there." OOMAAAGAD i was like, sudah tah kami ngalih menunggu, ani lagi we had to run ! we went downstairs and we nearly didnt get what the letter meant. Rupanya the straight metal 'stair'. we went round and round the 'stair' and at last i shouted "TU NAH!" loudly. the letter was below it ! (oh yeah people were seeing us at this time, yeah.)

the third clue was "people call this place the teacher's cafeteria but it's absolutely NOT. there are 9 tables. the next letter is placed underneath one of the tables. you have to search for it under every table." GOD. i was getting tired and i started to run clumsily while bilah was running fast !

we searched every table and i found it ! and the next clue said : "use the closest staircase and you'll see a big, brown box. it's the compartment. you'll find the next clue there." i know where it was and so i ran downstairs and later found the fifth letter. it said "the useless reception. it's near the d&t workshop and you will always find GIRLS here." i knew it, it was the girls' hostel. so from the lecture theatre, we ran to that place. bilah found it and opened it quickly ! and the letter said : "do you still remember the place where KINAH fell last year? YES, the staircase. Go there and you'll find the next clue. this time you have to run a bit faster. you're almost there!" again, OOMAGAAAAAD, and this was a bit tough because last year i fell twice, at different staircases ! HAHAHA!

we went to the second floor and found the next letter on the blue staircase wall. we opened it (we were very thirsty and ngaaaaaliiihhhhhhh at this time) and read the next clue - "yes you're nearly finished. go to the second floor, using staircase D and check all the classrooms. you'll find something....." oh yeah it was 3.40 PM.
Bilah and I, walked upstairs quickly and once we reached the second floor, we sighed. hahaha! we walked slowly, checking every room until........


I WAS SCREAMINNNNGGGG. AND I CRIED, TOO. there they were: ZIYAH, DYNA, KOLAH, KHALISH - AND AMAL ! ooomaaagaaaaaddd ! i didn't expect them to be like this ! i mean, them and the surprises and the treasure hunt they had made ! IQAH WAS THERE, TOO ! the classroom was soooo colourful! there were posters of our group on the wall, our names hanged on a string which stretched along the whole classroom and most importantly, A CAKE AND PRESENTS ! bilah and i was so angry but at the same time we were happily surprised! we shared our stories with them, starting from our long-wait until the treasure hunt. IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!! i'll upload the pictures which we've taken next time okay ?

p/s- i love the queen-loikes. kamuuu, this day has been sooooo wonderful. i love you. <3

FUN FUN FUN ! oh i told this to my parents on our way home, and dad said "menjadi jua ah plan durang ! bagus eh kawan2 kamu ani." and when we reached home, mom and dad went to the bonnet and surprised me ! they bought a present for me toooooo ! it's a me-to-you medium-sized teddy bear, and a frame which is not exactly a frame. i dont know how to explain, i'll just upload the pics so you can get what my point is. and oh my godddd, i am soo LUCKY! ! ! ! i love you mom, dad. lovelovelovelove !

nice pics to be seen (part 2)
6:20 PM

woooaahhhhh. finally i've got the time to upload the pictures here. these pics were taken on the 31st of may, when we went out with wardah and the gang. hahaha! alright alright have a look...
relax farah, relax !
it's windy.
cool, sporty, stylish, nice.
this is pretty !
happy birthday aizat !

wanna mess up with us ?


Parents-Teachers' meet.
5:37 PM

Yesterday mom and dad and i went to the school's auditorium. yeap, there was a meeting going on between our parents and teachers. the meeting was held from 8 - 11 am, and we reached there at 9.40+. well, once we were in the auditorium, we met sir zainal, my class teacher. then we moved on to my history teacher, which i've been waiting for my dad to complain about her cancellation of the extra class in the afternoon. hahaha and yes, he did complain. but it turned out to be that the teacher didn't get his point. uh i dont wanna talk about it here, you'll just get confused.

oh yeah here are the comments i've received from some of my teachers yesterday:
"from what i've seen, she's very talkative in class, especially during the practical."
"i believe she can score higher if she didn't do a last-minute revision."
"kurang kan bercakap ketika guru sedang mengajar."
"when she was asked a few questions about certain chapters, she answered them well."
"51/60 is a very good mark for paper 1 actually."
"so far i only got 19 out of 24 assignments from her."

lol most of the comments made me laugh, bcos i think they're right. hahaha !

i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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