im knockin' it out
5:34 PM

im bored. i have nothing to do besides editing pictures again and again. things went on as usual during the past few days. so tumoro's gonna be quite a fun day for me bcosssss....... im gonna sleep over amal's house ! hahaha. Ziyah and Khaulah are coming too. Dyna hasn't got the chance to ask permission from her parents *sigh* hahaha i hope she can come.

we SURE are gonna take lots of pictures during the sleepover. oh i had just met a new word yesterday. it's "DORKY". got it from amal. it went like this:

Amal: kin, i've seen our thriller vid arah youtube. kawan adiku cakap kau dorky hahaha ;p

she doesnt even what it means hahaha, and me neither ! can somebody tell me what dorky is ? i can feel it's not a good thang hahaha.

oohhh YESS ! finally it's school day tomorrow ! i miss school. after 3 days of not going to school, after 5 days of not meeting my friends, finally im gonna meet them. HAHAHA.
like Khaulah said "SCHOOL can be COOL".

majlis ilmu
7:50 PM

this morning bilah and i went to the ICC to attend that majlis ilmu thing. it was..... fine. nothing special happened.... besides meeting that malaysia's astronaut Dr. Sheikh Muzafar. Yeah he's tall and gooohhhhd-lookin'. AND he looks a bit like sir zainal, for reaaaaal. but this muzafar guy is more to arabian-lookin, get what i mean ? hhahhaa.

i was expecting the majlis ilmu to be fun but it turned out just okay. titahs from the Sultan, the doas, and the zikir, yeahyeah something like that pffft.

pictures will be posted soon.

whine up and wannabe
11:55 PM

righhht yesterday we went to amal's house at sengkurong and hung out. here's the video of us, lip singing (whaaat ? lyp syncing??) the 'wannabe' song by spice girls lol. ENJOY ;p me in pink, ziyah in grey, amal in black and dyna in yellow : )

and this... whine up!

and my youtube account is turnemintopink. seeya there !

ps. more pics at amal's blog : )


"apanyaaaa si kinah ah..."
1:22 PM

yeah, that would probably be him if someone shouted those words to me.

yeah. it's SANAL.
HAHA. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, kaling kawan. HEHE ;p


Woaah, precious.
2:14 AM

so i've just found this picture at someone's blog. This 'someone' is a photographer, who's schooling at pggmb sg.akar. I cant tell you guys his blog link, kana saman ku krg ;P but you could tell by the name on the photo itself.

I was VERY shocked to see our (not me, but my friends) pictures during the national day. Awww, too bad the photographer didnt take my picture. ;P

soooo, the lucky ones who were lucky to be in this lucky picture (lucky picture?) are... from whom i could see .... oh, a bit of nazhrah haha, hafiy, fiqah, anisbazilah, hajah siti, mizah, masyitah, dk. nisa, najiah.. and najiah. heheh ; ) i wish i was there too. lawaaaa eh this picture.

Oastrawreos Cupcakes.
11:58 PM

i bet you guys are wondering what in the earth are 'oastrawreos' haha. it came from the words oatmeal, strawberry and oreos. I made this name on my own okay, and i like it ! haha. I made those oastrawreos cupcakes 7 hours ago, which was 5pm and finished at.... about 7pm. Yeah i took nearly two hours to finish making 'em. So, oreos were poured in the pastry, strawberry flavour was added to the icing, and the oatmeal was made as the topping ; )

these pictures show you the moment i started making untiiiiiiiil i completed the cupcakes. At the same time, i took the pictures to test my... again, photography skills : D

golden churn... the number one source of butter hahah

oreos being poured into the mix

ready to be baked

20 minutes after baking.. : )

i love the colour of the icing.. it's soooo.. pink.

the cupcakes look sooo yummy

i love this. :DDD

i'll bring the cupcakes on wednesday, the queen-loikes have been asking me to bring em over to school so, yeah i'll do that. if you wanna have a look at the cakes, come and see me before the cakes are finished ! lol ! p/s: Are the pictures taken nice ? I can be a GOOOOOOD photographer don't you think ? ;P

nice pics to be seen (part 5)
2:38 PM

i got these from zimaaah. yes zimaah, the 'finfin' lover ! hahaha thanks ziimaahhh ; D

some of my CLOSE friends. and i.
HAHHAHA, meet my funny friends, trisya and 'nowre' hahaha ;P

wahhah yeah we look like ghostssss lol i edited it

star wars wanna-be's

ohhh and and.. below are just some random pics that i took last monday. I was using bilah's camera, and sooo, i tested my photography skills... i dont know why, but im starting to adore photography. i am actually a professional photographer, but it's just that people do not know about it yet ;P hahaah kidding ! awu wah awu wah aku main2 saja wah, mental. hahaha ;P

i love this pic the most, bcos it's like an advertisement of a pen haha

... and this pic toooooo ! i took this after our math lesson on 'sets'

this girl ? she's AFIQAH. she was the birthday girl last monday. 8thJuly.


ohhh biology.
6:51 PM

so, it's all about biology. i am so stressed out about it right now.... here's the story.
first: we were given this 'project' by sir. He told us to make a song and the lyrics should be regarding on DIGESTION. yeah! and at first we were like, whaaaat ? are you kidding ? hahaha ! ;) but he promised us to give $50 to the winner. so yeah, i am soooo EXCITED !

but unfortunately that feeling is starting to fade now because of today's bio lesson. it started like this... yesterday sir asked us to read the digestion topic from the beginning up until what we've done, because he said that there would be a test on the next day (which is today). i read, and read and read.. but not all. bcos you know, i thought it's only going to be a normal, short test. we had our lunch break at 12.30pm, and after we were done, we went into the lab. and guess what ? Sir looked calm, as usual ;) BUT THEN THESE WORDS CAME OUT FROM HIM, "you're 5 minutes late. So lets make this as your topical test then." and some of us shouted, "HAAHHH ? NOOO !" and sir said, "why ? would they make any difference ? i don't think soooo..." Yeah sir, of course they'd make a difference... A BIG DIFFERENCE INSTEAD ! i knew something wrong was going on here. He wouldn't do things like that unless he was not in a good mood.

we were not prepared ! he gave out the test papers. and after we greeted him, he immediately said "Do not sit down okayyy." and i said, "alaaaa sirrr !" and he just..... gave me a smile. 'A FORCED SMILE', like what he always said hahaha ; D

so yeah, we OFFICIALLY had the topical test 3. and luckily after 5 minutes, he told us to sit. thanks sir. and luckily, again, that was the first part of our topical test 3, which meant that we will have another part, sometime in the next week, he said.

Nice pics to be seen (part 4)
9:40 PM

heyyyyaaaa these are some other pics of BERABUT BERABIS which were taken using ms.rodziah's camera during the kem qiadah. i have a lot more to upload next time ; )
goddd, look at me ! eyww haha

we rock !

wooahh it's too bright !

mr.chok looks cute here XD

hahaha. yeah nazhrah, i love ya ;p

near the clock tower. (maybe)

woooo haha

james bond brunei.. mr.chong ;p btw he's not in our group

Zzzzzz.... (ceramah time)

aaaaiiii jealous ku eh ;p

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