nice pics to be seen (part 7)
9:36 PM

this morning all form 4's went to the girls hostel for the distribution of quran. and that quran will be used for our upcoming tadarus-es (haha) in ramadan. skip that part, lets just have a look on these pictures, taken by sir z. LAWA kali ah hahahaha.


byebye beijing, hello london
5:36 PM

finally the olympic had come to its end. and im..... sad. i still cannot figure out why tears rolled down my face when i watched the closing ceremony last night : ( beckham was there too (duui sekadar menandang bula jua ganya.. apatah tu haha).

i used to feel sad + happy when i saw the ads of the olympic, particularly the ad which used 'the time of my life' song. i could see their tears of happiness when they won. SIGH.
im just being all emo right now.

the hotties im gonna miss:
BEN WILDEN of australia - trampoline
MICHAEL PHELPS of USA - swimming
RAFAEL NADAL of Spain ! - tennis
ADAM VAN KOEVERDEN of not-sure-which-country - kayak/canoe
ANDRE NIKLAUS of germany - high jump
EVGENY LUKYANENKO of russia - high jump (he's not hot, he's just cute)
LIN DAN of china - badminton

their faces ? google 'em.

but overall i just miss the olympic itself. : (
next host : BRITAIN. and dad is planning to go there in 2012.
oh waaaaaiiiit !
i'll be NINETEEN BY THEN ! wohhoooo ! : D

p/s i wont miss roger federer bcos i see him like all the time in the tv. hahaha. and i've just realised that there are a LOT more hotties than cristiano ronaldo and beckham on the earth. Thanks to the olympics.

HAHAHA get a sense of humour lah you people !

family comes first
3:36 PM

we had our 'family sports day' last night at.... padang kebajikan ? the males played futsal and the females played netball, as usual. it was fun but the rain fell heavily at around 10.00pm so we had to stop the games and pack. siukkkkk eh, banyak ku score kaliah netball ah. banyak kali lagi tu ku shoot ah hahaha ; D

favourite pics of the night :

abang adam's wedding !
5:59 PM

i've just got the pictures of abang adam's wedding reception, from kaka jed's facebook : ) the reception was held at The Holiday Lodge. We're so happy for you, bang ! CONGRATS ! and kaka nurul was LAWA that night, hehe. : )) and everyone, including me ! hahaha : D seriously everyone looked nice that night : )

me in greeeeen haha

they're cute.

ziqah, tehah and irah were the flowergirls of the night


heartbreaking news
5:27 PM

FIRST of all, congrats to Lin Dan for becoming the champ. and Chong Wei who came second in badminton singles final last night, though i supported chong wei. HAHAHA but yeah, who could beat that world's no 1 player ? i know i couldn't.... duhh -__- haha sometimes i sorta hate china bcos most of them got in the top 3 in the olympic events. Oh yeah btw, Lin Dan is 24. and that's.... quite young. Do you guys think i have the chance ? *kirai kirai* hahaha of course not. He's dating the world's best female badminton player too, i think the name is Xie Xing fang.. ? HAHA whatever. yeah they both are from China.

so lets move on to the heartbreaking news. or should i say, the heartbreaking PICTURE? last night i went surfing at google to get some new photos of cristiano ronaldo, my love the beast. (well he's still charming and hot though haha so i'll just call my love) INSTEAD, i found this picture :(

the girl he's kissing in the picture is a bollywood actress... eh no, a fcuking indian actress
(whoooops no bad words pls kinah hahaha). she's bipasha basu, and she's 28 years old. and ronaldo is just 22. haarrummmpphh !

Badminton doubles
8:53 PM

Congratulations to korea for winning the gold medal in the badminton doubles match ! Woaaaah what a victory.. Nice. Somehow i kinda support indonesia though, i dunno why. Haha but the korean male player was cute.

gold: korea
silver: indonesia
bronze: china

now it's 8.55pm and im waiting for the next final singles match - BIG match. It's between the two world's best badminton players; Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei.

it's kinda hard to guess who'll get the gold medal, of course. Well lets just hope everyone wins hahaha, easy.

it's an obsession
8:21 PM

OHHH MYYYY GODDDDDDDD. i've just seen twilight's trailer at youtube. the hero wasssss HOT. and CUTE. and HANDSOME. and HOT. and CUTE. and HANDSOME !

He's Robert Pattinson. i've just realised that he played CEDRIC in Harry Potter, oooyeah.
Im sooo obsessed with him currently. NOT danny noriega anymore. Sorry danny, we have to break up : )

maybe this robert doesnt look good in pictures, but he DOES, in movies. I LOVE YOU, ROBERT.

R + R = Robert + Rakinah xD

lucky thursday
7:37 PM

Lets talk about the last Thursday. it was 4.30pm. we were waiting for our parents to pick us up. Dyna and i took off our tudongs cos we were sweating after going around the school, taking photos. so kolah went home first and then dyna, which meant that tinggal aku sorang saja yang inda pakai tudong. After a while, we saw these 2 discipline teachers (you sure know who they are). they were about to go home. and yeah, of course i quickly searched for my tudong in the bag but then i didnt get to wear it properly, tunggang tebalik lah ku pakai, like badge atas kepala and pin di bawah hahaha. bilah and ziyah covered me up. then one of these teachers shouted dari jauh,

Teacher: macam ada urg baru kan pakai tudong usulnya sana atu.

NAMPAK YA WAH, then i turned around.

Teacher: Eh kau rupanya rakinah!
(duhh she knows me kaliah)

i was like, smiling but at the same time i was freaking out !

Me: awu wah cigu.. hehe sorry sorrry.. tadi kami baru siap main netball ah yatah.
(while putting on my tudong)

Teacher: bah baik tah di pakai eh, jgn buka tudong dapan2 urg.

Me: awu cigu *smiling

Teacher: Lapas cigu balik ni, bukanya semula ni.

Me: inda eh inda eh.. *smiling
At last they both got into their cars and drove off. *BIG SIGH !

FUUUUUHHHHHH.... i was sooo lucky haha.
p/s thanks to cigu for not bringing me to the discipline room, esok ku buka tudong lagi ah xP haha !

yahooooo !
7:32 PM

fiiiiinaaaaally ! hahahaha sorry ani yang ada muka ku saja ah. LOL

more pictures at 4H's BLOG HERE.

... and thanks to sir zainal for taking the photos.

nice pics to be seen (part 6)
2:39 PM

qls, you guys can take yesterday's pic from here : )


the crazy one.
10:45 PM

78. and you should know what that means. DYNA's BUTTDAY ! hahaha HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling : ) lucky to have a friend like you. and others. HAHAHA : ) so just now we made a surprise for her at the canteen HAHA. amal and i hid in the toilet then ziyah came and asked us to go out to take the cake from the canteen. Bilah and Khalish had to distract dyna for while so she wouldnt notice. Then i held up the big poster (with her BIG picture of course) and sang the happy birthday song LOUDLY. yeah, so LOUD that everyone could hear it. and ofcourse, dyna was shocked. and ya tutup muanya pasaaaaaal..... malu lah. KALI. everyone clapped their hands after the song ended hahaha. and we had a party at this one class on the first floor. :)


2005. that's why we look eyw here haha

if you dont know who dyna is, she's the short one ;p

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA awu waaaaaah : D



i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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