selamat hari raya!
3:25 PM

i cant wait for hari raya ! grrr eventhough exam's in 2 weeks plus.
mom and amit brought their kids (us, duhh haha) jalan jalan. and we kids (lol) were getting tired after going with mom and amit around the mall.
so syikin and yuyoi and me went to other places instead of helping the mommies. i bought this dvd CLOVERFIELD bcos i've been wanting to watch it since.... i dunno hahaha

BUT THEN, UGHHHH it was boring ! it screwed my $8 up ! aiyoyo !
but i loved the effects though

anywayyy, ive been furreaakin hyper lately ! well not really 'lately', i guess it was since yesterday yesterday ?

bcos ONE: i had my chance to paint the wall of our living room ! although i didnt do all the painting by myself hahaha. but it was FUN !

well here's a little proof of what i said haha

and TWO: the lights or cuculs (haha) were finally put up !

the whole family have been waiting for like, 2 years after we moved in to the new house. dad was actually like "ehh babah pandai pasang sendiri tu cucul ah" but then the work was put into hold bcos he couldnt really do it hahaha.

and.. WHY was that ? bcos the house was like, really tall and it was dangerous. finally he managed to call the 'urang usai cucul' and done !

for them it was as easy as eating a piece of cake lol (err i guess so ?)

yeeehhhaaaa !!!! now i can feel the suasana raya !



4h daleng.
3:02 PM

yesterday some of my classmates and i had our sungkai at the swensen's. and it was..... kinda fun. hahahaha. but i met din and hanis, my ex-groupmates in the singapore-brunei camp 07. i miss themmm a lottttt ! and din's hair was short, haha.
after we had done the sungkai thing and all, we took pictures before going home, as always. hahaha.

actually i didnt plan to wear tudong but then.. puasa wah yatah.
sekali sekala ambil pahala xP hahaha luckily i looked nice LOL

greetings !
1:46 AM

this pretty girl right here is enjoying her birthday today : )

another year older, another year sexier
bah, STAY SEXY : D
presents ? esok tah ah ?

btw i call this girl " KAKA AMAL" hehe xD

jacob black.
3:41 PM

done with new moon. took 4 days to finish it. well i could have taken less than 4 days if i watched less dvd's hahahaha. lol but that's okay anyway. new moon was WEEHHEEE with jacob black, i should admit. i wanna talk a bit about the story buttttt, krg si bilah maghah hahaha (yes, gh instead of r lol)

last night we had this family sungkai at nini's house at rimbaand stayed up until 2.00 am. the reason ? DVDs. hahaha it was fun to watch a whole lot of dvds during the holidays ! we watched zohan, superhero movie (which i didnt really concentrate bcos i was with my new moon) and kuntilanak 3 lol.
see. i told you my hair has no change at all except for the fringe !

i would rate kuntilanak 3 with one out of 100 stars. and why was that ? it was boring. i didnt really get the main story. and what annoyed me the most was the sound effect which was WAAAYYYY louder than the voices of the actors. and that was one of reasons i couldn't understand the whole point ! and the one star ? i would give that for the scary things in the movie.

and yes, i did scream a lot. HA HA HA

ANYWAYYY, amal had edited some pics of us the other day. i think i looked nice in it xP my face looked sooo pale that i could even be edward cullen's girlfriend : D move, bella.
KINAH SWAN is taking over ! lol hahahaha xD

amal said that we all looked nice here except EVEN ziyah ;p

ps. my tears nearly fell when i was reading the new moon. and that was when toooooot. shhhh ! bilah doesnt wanna hear a thing ! hahahahha HAPPY HOLIDAY guys.

5:00 PM

currently on the second book of twilight, New Moon. Should i tell you guys some of the story ?
No. YES. No. YES.

okay fine ! i'll tell you !

Bella was having her birthday party which she didnt really want anyone to celebrate. The Cullens, however, ignored her demand and celebrated it. When Bella was about to open the present, she had a paper cut *ouch !

she started to freak out when she saw the seven (or six?) pair of eyes were staring at her blood from the paper cut, with THIRST.......

wohhoooo and i wont tell you what happened next :) read it. and im sure bilah's gonna be like "OMGGGGGG ! kenapa ko britau ???" hahaha. relax bil, just wait for your books to arrive lol xP
i kept watching those twilight trailers over and over again ! and, i didnt get bored of 'em. TEPIKAAAAAT KU eh.

sb camp.
11:47 PM

okay i miss sbc. singapore-brunei camp to be exact. it just came across my mind and with all of a sudden, i miss it. so i went through the pictures of the camp, and i miss them more. they were like among my close friends, eventhough we all had only known each other for a week. well, a week could be like a month right ? haha.

that was my team. i was at the back haha.

lol nas, lol hahaha

i was at the very end. see ?

from your left- me, shan heng, mr.chua, umar.

putting on my shoes.

nice picture. i was acting. that's yue wan, she was the sultan. i was the chief.

and i'm missing singapore itself too. and wardah. i wonder when would i go there again ! aiyooo.

it didnt work out hahaha. but to me it looked real haha


and so the lion fell in love with the lamb.
8:10 PM

"what a stupid lamb."
"what sick, masochistic lion."

lol i guess that would be a better intro for today's post. i havent been online for like a week. and why was that ? ONE - i watched the two asian movie series. hana kimi in taiwanese and japanese version! okay. i know some of you guys might not know what in the earth was that. lol.
the guys were kinda hot. Sizzlinnnnnn haaaaattttt. HAHAHA.

as for the taiwanese version, i really like that hostel 'chief' hahaha and the second hero, named danson and jiro respectively. CUUUUTE WAH. and for the japanese version, MOST of the guys were HAAAAAT, even the girlish ones hahaha, aka pundan ! hahaah they were not really pundan, it was their behaviour yang lembut !

ANDDDD yesterday, which was sunday, annie from best eastern called to tell me that my twilight and new moon books had arrived ! i went there immediately to pick 'em up. so, this is like, the third time i read a book in my life. THIRD TIME, bad kinah, bad ! my first books were 'peter and jane' and goosebumps. and ? that was like 5-10 years ago ??? yeayuuhhh when i was in pggmb back then. and my second time reading a book was this year, which was that russell lee's ghost stories ? well that wasnt really a book, i mean it WAS a book but it had true stories. get me ? i know you dont, jangantah. hahahaha. i still do not know what's wrong with me when it comes to reading a book. i'll yawn a lot, even when i just started reading the very first line. grrr.

but this twilight was different. QUITE different. surprisingly, i didnt really yawn that much when i was reading it. maybe because i love robPat ? okay, i should say out loud..... here goes..


lol, did i sound just like a psycho ? never mind that. i love him : ) and i kinda like jacob too. yes yes, taylor lautner from sharkboy ? lol he was so tiny back then. but now, he's haaaaaat. and iman loves him. hahaha.

8:31 PM

tagged by wardah : D
i deleted some questions cause some of 'em are kinda unrelated hahaha
Starting time: 9.35pm

NOT gonna mention my full name, bahaya wah ! hahahaha KINAH is enough

Shoe size:
7 kah ?

163cm but ziyah's taller ;p

Where do you live:

Favourite drinks:
water ?

Have you ever been on a plane?:
duhhh haha

Fallen asleep at school?:
yeeaaayuh !

Broken someone's heart?:
i think so ?? but not about love of course haha

Fell off your chair:
hahaha yes when i was eating 3 years ago. but recently i fell off the stool in the physics lab HAHA

Saved e-mails:
many times

What is your room like:
blue and messy but i love it !

What's right beside you:
a bottle of water ? hahaha

What is the last thing you ate:

Have you ever had sore throat:

Broken nose:
i'll be having my nose job later haha

Do you believe in love at first sight:
i would prefer 'love at the hundredth sight' lol !

Like picnics:
having picnics in brunei is boring

Who was/were the last person/people you danced with:
ziyah.. ?

You last yelled at:
i cant remember hahaha

Talk to someone you like:

Kiss anyone:
i mwah mwah my qls like every after shool

Get sick:
running nose ? yes

Talk to an ex:
danny noriega ? no ='( hahah

Miss someone:

no, i was starving the whole day kali ah. lol, duhh mestilah makan

Best feeling in the world:
no ?

What's under your bed:
books ?

Who do you really hate:
that girl

What time is it now?

Do you smile often?
yeah but some friends said that i often look serious at school

Are your toe nails painted?
not in the mood to do it

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in?
robert pattinson's *wide smile :DD

When did you cry last?
yesterday night, when i watched firehouse dog lol

Are you a friendly person?
except the ones i hate duhh

Do you have any pets?
8 cats and growing hahaha

Do you sleep with the TV on?

What are you doing right now?
watching csi miami and answering these.

Can you handle the truth?
yes to some and no to some hhahaha

Are you too forgiving?
err no, aku pemarah jua remember ? HAHAHA

Are you closer to your mother or father?
both <3

Who was the last person you cried in front of?
my girls. that was when my face got hit by ball kicked by asyraf lol

Do you eat healthy?
NOT into veggies

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?
danny noriega ? no i've torn them HAHA

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?
therapist ? counsellor ? lol

Are you loud or quiet most of the time?
loud ?

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
err lets see what 5-year-old kinah had done;
1. took pictures
2. cried
3. laugh
4. fell off the bumper car in jp

5 things on my to-do list today:
relax !

5 snacks I enjoy:
snickers, chachos, ayam, ayam, ayam HAHAHA

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
i would shop and build a new house bigger than oprah's !

5 of my bad habits:
my wake-up time is 6.30am during the school days and 10.00am during the holidays.
should improve 'em !

places I have lived in:
manggis dua, gadong, jakarta for 2 weeks, hyatt for 2 weeks.

i wont tag anyone, so if you wanna do all these, go ahead then ! : D

oranges, anyone ?
8:46 PM

chemistry exam's tomorrow. and it's about 8-9 hours from now. kinah wants to revise for the practical but the mind keeps telling her not to. grrrr, stupido ! and bio just now was okay, except the last 2 pages. i was totally blank about the last four questions.

i want robert, please ? oh speaking of this robert guy, the 2 books that i ordered last sunday will arrive next week. lets just hope it's before the holidays, uhhhhh. i was planning to have a sleepover at amal's house again this holiday but too bad she's not having her holiday. grrrr hahahaha

and im just missing these 2 bestos of mine currently - farzanah and nabilah.
gossssh i havent met farz for like, 365 days ?! and nabilah for like 365 x 3 days ?!! zomg i seriously need to call and meet them up !

i dont feel so right
8:23 PM

yesterday i went to erick's hair studio in kiulap to have a haircut, bcos daddeh said it was quite a good place to have a haircut since most of his friends usually go there. once i went in, three guys and a girl were staring at me like "lawa jua urg ani" LOL no lah, maybe something like "eee stranger" hahahah but they were nice. i didnt dare to have my haircut alone so i asked daddeh and mom to dangankan sekajap.

dad said something to one of the dressers (while they were shaking hands), "halo apa macam ? mana erick ? britau dia basir datang". fast forward--- erick came and i should say that HE's TAAALLLLL ! he was the one who cut my hair. and dad and mom went jalan jalan around kiulap dulu while waiting. erick said "lets just curl your hair sikit ah tapi temporary saja ok" and i was like ookkaayy.

fwd fwd --- once i got home and the curl thing was gone, i was FREAAAAKIN SHOCKED. there was no change at all, except for the fringe ! gila marah ku atu. told dad and he just..... kept silent.
i spent my $?? just on this no-change-at-all haircut ! baik pulang bali dvd9 bepuluh kutak tu. tadi pun masa ke skulah ah, rambut ku masih limpas tudong ! grrrr (lol 'kurapak') hahaha.

tiramisu day.
9:21 PM

wahaaaooo ! finally got the time to upload this funny yet amazing pics which were taken err.. last month ? whatever. it was when bilah brought her tiramisu to school. and i guess that was also when the electrics went off ? again, whatever. hahaha. we had the chance of going around the school and took as many pics as we could.

AAAHH ! and that was when i got caught by the two teachers (?? check my 'lucky thursday' post)
lol there's more okay !

kaka santi lawa ! =D
8:25 PM

im not sure whether kaka santi knows my blog or not, but she asked me to put this NICE picture in anyway, so yeah : D
kaka santi ! youre lawa okay ! haha just tagur arah chatbox if you had taken it :)
all the best in jis : ) i'll miss ya ! nada lagi urg ajar choir ne ? hahaha.

p.s - the pic's a bit kabuuuur ! sorry : D

and this is to RIFAIE and FIZZI; gambar kamu alum ada arah ku haha, arah si trisya masih aaahhhh.
I'll upload them soon !

i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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