..... suck-ai ! lol
2:28 PM

sakai wah, in case you guys didnt know lol.

ignore this uncle xD

i was interviewed by the RTB last thursday at the ICC. yalahh, SAKAI ! i was being sooo sakai that i didnt really concentrate on what i was even saying. aunty atu tanya "wanita tunggang motosikal. setuju atau tidak ?" i was nervous so i brought farah along.

i quickly, nervously arranged my malay words so that they wouldn't sound weird, but instead it turned out like this -

"errr, pada pendapat saya...... umm, pada pendapat saya... errr.."
a few deep breaths, then

wanita tidak sepatutnya naik motosikal.... kerana err... ia bukan melambangkan umm... imej negara brunei yang err.... kaya dengan.... emm... tradisional dan budaya.."

i was like WHAADDDHA HECK was i saying ? so i stopped at 'budaya' and just nodded. then the aunty moved on to farah to ask for her opinion. farah's answer was OUTTTTT berabis hahahahaah, but it was funny !
you know what did she say ?

"errr.. saya tidak setuju kerana.... umm, menaiki motosikal akan membazir duit and merugikan ekonomi, kerana kita sudah mempunyai kereta." hahahahaa

like, EKONOMI ? mentang2 belajar economics si farah ah xD
then ziyah was interviewed a while later, and i kinda liked her answer - which was a YES.
she said something like "kita perlu mengikut peredaran zaman.." yeah, something like that. and i kinda agreed.. ? entah. lawa jua lah answernya ah.

my advice - never be shy when you're offered being interviewed on tv. it was nice you know !
even though your answers were out of topic !

2:02 PM

do you think it's funny ?
for me it is ! lol duhhh
soo pepol, this is the vid that i'd promised on the last post : D
*even though raya's over xD

4:06 AM

Find out what heroes character are you at LiquidGeneration.com!

cool ehh. what's yours ?

click click !
1:25 PM

below are the screen captures which i took from our 'hari raya' video at ziyah's house.
hahahhaaha. i'll upload the video at youtube soon ;)

and.... SURPRISE ! dyna had made us a cool pic !
cool berabis yawwww (haha) hhahaaha.
banar, cool ne.


astahhh. cool wahhh. liat ah.

drum rolls !

si kinah wah. cali ah. in fact everyone looks funnyyyy !
okay okay.
us in the 50's-70's!
muka ku biut ah.

hahahaah but thanks DYNA
i didnt know how she made that
and, KHAULAH & AMAL wahh.
cali berabis. banaaaar.
i laughed a lot like A LOT when i first saw this pic.
melabang lagi tu !

kamek seronok pergi rayak kat sarawak. kitak ?
10:18 PM


rayarayaraya 04
5:28 PM

location : sarawak !
i'd rather say sarawak instead of names which you guys might not know, like mukah.. ?
kuching.. ? bintulu.. ?

yeaayuhh, you guys might not know where it is. but one thing fo sho, these places are in sarawak okay ?
dad brought us there to introduce us to his family who live in sarawak. bcos my nini bini from my dad's side family (apakan ? paham kamu kah ? nini bini ku wah, balah babahku. geddit? haha)

it was a longggggggggggg longggggggggg journey. AND tiring ! and when we got there, i found out that most of my dad's cousins were pro photographers and videomen (? haha i dunno the right word for it)
SO, so what ? yes, THAT ! atu bah. ehhh. BEGAMBAR LAH. APALAGI ! hahaha.

EYWW to the MAX. the camera man asked me something like this
"buat muka straight, innocent gitu yee.. macam model tau tak?"
and finally it turned out to be like THIS! (above pic) karau lagi tu eh.

this one i like, this one i like xD

rayarayaraya 03
10:27 PM

location: ZIYAH's HOUSE !
we had a sleepover at her house the night before xD dyna and i had helped a LOT for her open house, lol.
and THANKS to ziyah's mom for giving us extra kaching-kaching, hahaha.

in the photos: ziyah in blue.. ? dyna in orange, and kinah (aku lah, duhh) in purplish pink.

credits: ma DADDEH :D

open haaaaus baaybiii hahaha
9:36 PM

got an open house on last monday and sunday.

pictures -- krg tahhhhh
my pendrive's not with me right now =|
overall the open house was FUUUUNNNN.
ramaaaai like crazy.. and the guest room was gettong crowded.
whoops i mean, GETTING. hahaha

lateeeeerrrrrrzzzz haha poklen

rayarayaraya 02
4:49 PM

raya kedua !
location: our house.

rayarayaraya 01
3:35 PM

raya pertama !
location: mata-mata (ours), rimba gadong, and tutong !

okay this is funny. haha. happy raya momeh. mwah

sayang nini... : )

babah, babu, and my angahs. lol i asked them to do it

another favourite !

i was so purple
9:20 PM

i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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