the dalengs!
9:45 PM

lol we were supposed to stay quiet.
sekali durang sebelah ku like, TERketawa!
so in the end i was the only one who didnt laugh
AT ALL lol :D
i love this class.... to the VERY !

iman farah ain kevin job nabil rahimi saffa !
i'll miss you peepzz =(

ziqah tagged me :D
4:27 PM

ONE i love jacob black AND taylor lautner.
TWO taylor lautner is H-O-T
THREE hot guys are two thumbs up (okay im gonna stop saying about guys haha)
FOUR i miss my long hair
FIVE i love mee goreng (Y) awu bah yang indo mee ah!
SIX im often serious at certain things but i love to make jokes and laugh with people.
SEVEN i cant accept the fact that my economics friends and us are gonna split up
EIGHT i get angry easily
NINE i dont wanna get into fights cos i know i'll slap them kalau aku kalah-kalahan haha
TEN im the coolest person in the earth :P

okay i was joking about number ten :D soo, im tagging NO ONE :) if you want buleh pulang. manasaja lah! haha

real ?
1:25 AM

You Are 76% Real

You know who you are, and you're pretty darn comfortable with yourself.

Like everyone, you struggle with the parts of yourself that aren't so great...

But you're good at accepting who you are and not dwelling on your faults.

As a result, you're confident, optimistic, and very real.

How Real Are You?

seeeeee? hahaha.

a year.
10:55 PM

it's been a year
since we all first met
in that particular class

it's been a year
since we all laughed
and enjoyed with each other

i thought we were gonna be together again
together just until next year
but then
i think it's gonna end
within weeks time

but dont forget, people
there are lots of memories
that we had
since the first day we met

and keep this
keep this in your mind or what so ever;
was the best class
i've ever been in
and you, my hot people
were among the best friends
i've ever met.

okay i dont even know why i came up with this poem
it's not like we're moving to different schools -____-
we'll still meet each other kaliah haha
but im not sure whether the way we tagur each other would be the same again.
hmmmm sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh
i miss practising with them, going crazy with them bla bla bla..we were close with each other within just a year
or maybe less than that, hmm maybe within 10 months?
gila sekajap jua tu :D admin, if you're reading this, PLEASE jangan splitkan kami ?
can you like, just undo whatever you did? apakan? like biartia 4H stay. jangan tah ada pindah2 wah. sasakku!

what if it comes true?
9:26 PM

picture taken in the auditorium
during the academic performance

i fell asleep this evening, from 3pm till about 6.05pm
*tedaduumdadum or whatever the sound effect is*
i was at my cousin's wedding ceremony and then i found out that i was all alone
no bride nor groom , then i saw Kellan Lutz (emmett), jackson rathbone (jasper) and this one unfamiliar big black guy
i went closer to them and screamed! omg and i said something like "can i take a picture with each of you guys? im your big fan!"
so Mom came out of nowhere and took our picture
after that the 3 guys said "does your house have extra bedrooms? we would like to stay there for a night"
OMG OMG i was like okaaaaaaay sure. then Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Nikki Reed appeared just like that so i went screaming again.
"OMG OMG OMG!! Hills, Linds, Rosalie. you're here! can i take a picture with you girls?" i repeated the same question as before. i didnt even know why i called them like that. Hills, Linds and Rosalie.
Papparazzis tarus tarus ada and took our photos. siuuuuk!
then i looked behind and saw TAYLOR LAUTNER aka MY JACOB BLACK arah kem sebalah.
i asked Hillary Duff, "Hills, is that taylor? i mean, jacob black? over there? *pointing*" and hillary said "yeah of course, go go!" hahaha

and here's the interesting part which i will NEVER, EVER forget -
i went to kem sebalah and came closer to him and said "hey.. err, taylor?! can i take a picture with you?" that question again.
and he went "yeah. sure, sure." just the same as the way he said in the books.
he stood up and we had a walk.

jacob black, embry call and old sam haha

taylor: so what's your name?
me: err.. kinah. *smiles
taylor: ohh okay. hey, please dont try to get rid of me after this yeah?
at this time, he was like, scanning my face

me: sure, sure. of course.
taylor: bcos who knows, maybe i'll call you one day and ask you to be my girlfriend. hahaha.

aku bangang. and excited! :D

me: um, hahahahah ooookay. *bangang :D
taylor: but now we're still friends right?
me: errr yeah. hey, i wont get rid of you! im one of your huge fans kaliah!

lol, ada "kaliah" lagi tu.
then we went into jollibee (?) hahahaha. and took our seats.

taylor: where do you come from?
me: *bangang. di brunei jua kami ne* err. here. Brunei. you know where brunei is, right?

stupid question!

i took out a map from my bag (? haha) and showed it to him. and i asked him to point at Brunei.
he got it right!

taylor: i'll surely call you. surely.
he looked so confident lol. then he smiled. cair ku atuuu =S
me: hahahahha okay.
taylor: when i get back to America, i'll call you okay.

then i woke up. -_____-
it was 6.05pm and i realized that mom and dad had already left for our cousin's nikah.
i think that was the LONGEST dream ive ever REMEMBERED.
sadly, i didnt ask for his number ;(
who knows, if i asked, the number could be right :D

BLA. BLA. BLA..... BLA! :)
9:47 PM

we didnt win aka we LOST
hahaha wait
i thought i was being an emo since i got back from school ?
hmmm i guess not anymore
ok ok

so we did James Birch
Muaz was the Birch. GIIILAAAA cool kaliah jealous ku ;p
and Job was the voice
and so on.. so on... i was one of the backup dancers -____-"
i dressed mihir-ly xDD bida i used dad's cara melayu. BASAAR!
durang paraaah bilah tikah zimah clamon pakai OKAYY saja hahahahahaha :D
and one of the reasons why we didnt get in the top 3 could be because of our timing. 13 minutes kaliah! like, masa rehearsal 9 minutes? whatever. maybe pasal kami banyak bangang and ter-stop saja. YES bangang, i watched our play tadi arah my vidcam.

but it's okaaaaay pepol ! i still love you guys okay? don't worry :P
and i kinda freaked out when i saw the 4P's play. and why did i? because ZIYAH said (well, dyna and kolah jua sikit haha) that they were doing m.i.b

but THENNNNNN! 0.01 percent pun nada m.i.b! ugghhhh you lied. -____-

rumahan. SEXY!
6:54 PM

today we had our treasure hunt and it was FUNNNNNN ! siukkkk like heck!
we were divided into groups and at first when i got the paper which had our group name in it, i was shocked and =__=

what what? apa ? group name kami kah ?
tada ! RUMAHAN BINI! grrrr it was soooo not cool so we kinda changed it to RUMAHAN SEXY lol

anyway i was selected (plus aku pun mau haha) to be the group leader \m/
and the sexy people were
belle anis bazilah cheyenne khairun amal wafi syafiq sufri syikin khairunnisa hatadi azim munzirah andddd nadiah!

AND OF COURSE, kinah :)
i like the gamesssss. to the max! especially the humming game, the 5x5 grid yang kami guess atu, the face-making game (apakan? yg copy expression dalam picture ah), ANDDDDD! yg ambil photograph ! we chose TWILIGHT instead of HSM, hannah montana, csi etcetra. we were asked to imitate the way the cullens posed. i'll just show you the pic -

caliiiii i was bella, nabellex was rosalie, belle was alice, syafiq was emmett, azim was jasper.
and EDWARD? ughhhh; HATADI hahahaha lol
the picture is still with the MP's. i just hope they'll give it to us, someday :)

and i hope it'll turn out just right hahaha. and thanks to cheyenne for usai-ing our body postures haha :D

OOOMIIIGAAADDDDD. tomorrow's the performance. omg omg omg. im soooo not ready. yet.
okay okay i wanna keep our spirits high so, "GO 4H !" like paraaahh said.

more, more !
7:17 PM

byebye faarjanah !
assalamualaikum ! ;p
hahaahah eh paraaaahhh, more pictures nah! xD
taken from farzanah's blog :)

paraah, pictures yg background pikachu kami atu ada pulang, but aku bida telampau lawa!
just tell me if you want em :D

ferjanah darling !
8:20 PM

yeeessssss ive just got back from far's house !
paraaaahh and i went there to errr..
lets just say hang out hahaha
cos the main story is kinda complicated. haha well, not really.
far kan naik haji ! :DDD
congrats darling ! im happeh fer ya. that's why we came to her house tadi !
ommgggddd it's been like A YEAR since we all gathered ! panjang banaaaaar kami becerita tadi. HAHAHA =D

they jumped karau-ly hahaha

baru yaaa !

another 'when will i get over it'.
11:24 PM

kaka amal gave me pictures of the late abang's engagement.
AND i was surprised to see that i actually HAVE a picture with him.
goood, that'll be good :) glad to have it, really.

i dont know when will i get over it.
7:04 PM

just bored. and i miss abg dinie. his funny poses in pictures. hmmm
so i made one for me too, even though i dont think they are funny compared to abang's.

okay the purple and green pics look funny. in a way. HA-HA.

in loving memory of.... T___T
9:21 PM

you were just like everybody else
i could see every good thing in you
everything which showed you
as a good example to us

you were another shoulder
for us to cry on
and another shoulder
for us to lean on

it seemed like we'd just saw you yesterday
when we all laughed
at the jokes you made

and it seemed like an hour ago
when we all shared stories
among ourselves

but those are just memories
one of the last wonderful memories
that we had together
before you went away
and left us all behind

and cousin
we'll remember you
every single minute
every single hour
every single day
so that you'll stay close
as close as we all used to be
just like the days
when you were still here
right here in front of us.

with love, kinah.
i miss you, abg dinie x(

JOLIE part 2
2:51 PM

birthday pikchores !
finally bilah had updated her blog
after like a thousand years of having no e-speed lol

i made these, I MADE THESE ! :D


9:01 PM

it was atul's birthday yesterday ! atul is my cousin fyi.
okay happy birthday !
have a wonderful one tuuuul ! ;)
she had her birthday party at her house last night.
aannnd i was soooo sakai when i borrowed the camera bungsu was holding.
a dslr wah, yatah aku sakai hahahaha.

kin and kin ;)

sorry tul ah, i dont have your pic with me hahaha
i only have the ones when we were kids hahaha
you want me to put em up ?
alright alright. kajap im just gona find the album and flip thru the pics.
ehhhh INDA PAYAH !
yes yes i have some. yang masa rayaaa ! apalaaaaaaah -___-

okay i look SO tall. whatever. hahahaha.
i can be a model lol
stay pretty. stay emo. \m/ nadawah ;D
apakan lurus kah symbol ah ?

p.s there are lots of birthdays coming up this nov.
and tomorrow's who ? who who ? xD

3:44 PM

we went to the hospital last night

*last night... i couldnt even get an answer... i tried to call..*

we visited my aunt and i dunno why was she there. and i didnt even ask !
prrrr whatever haha thats not what i wanna tell you.
i just wanna tell you that me and cousins hung out like crazy outside the hospital, that's all.

"lama inda jumpa wah, kan kinah?" - kaka amal.

p/s. CONGRATS OBAMA ! kinah loves you : )

i hate exams but i love myself.
4:34 PM

love the pics below : DDDDDDD

i think i got that posture idea from amal haha.

so tuesday will be the last day of the final exam *whee!
mal, you can come to school everyday then : )
grrrrr i havent watched hsm 3
i want i want i WANT !

im gona ask for some $ from dadeh,
or simply use my allowance and bring my girls jalan2 and watch a movie
like im gona treat them hahaha

ohhh. myyy. GOD.
Twilight ! *faints*

3:48 PM

yesterday, 1st of nov was my smelly yet wonderful girl's birthday !

2007 !

we celebrated her birthday during break time. ziyah and dyna blindfolded her and brought her around the school and finally to MA4h, my class and.....SURPRISED her !

hahaha sorry kolah ah, the party was so simple. BUT yeah, we still celebrated the birthday despite the exam we were having. hahahah : D
and and i made her cupcakes !
lawaaaaaaa the pictures are still with bilah : )

ziyah said the cupcakes were... two thumbs up !
dyna said they were nice
bilah said "yeah nice tapi manithh" xD
and kolah said.... "THANKS KINAAAAHHH !" haha yeah, my pleasure!

hahahahaha love you girls.


i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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