baby is getting hotter
2:51 PM

.... and BIGGER.
i guess im done with Chansung (until he gets back in October haha)
back with Taylor :)

it's been a MONTH since ive last stalked taylor (haha)
and when i searched for his pictures on google... he's becoming BIGGER (and more muscular) haha
and hotter of course! LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE (ahhhhh im on cloud 9)

apa eh? im prettier

"im gonna get you kinah" :))

"please, im tired already. dont run away kinah.. come back to me" HAHAH

and then i spotted a few pics of him and taylor swift kissing :'(
i wont post em here. find em yourself!
was heartbrokennnn.. is it because i dumped you? :(
but then! rupanya they were filming a movie called Valentine's Day (with kissing scenes in it =.=)

so.. my heart "un-broke" hahaha (weird word)

and some New Moon pics :) he "sure, sure" looks HOTTT
and he seems "huggable" haha!

wish i was in that car!

oh yeah this "jacob" is bilah swan's not mine haha

oooo im gonna crop my picture and paste it on bella's haha

F you, F !
8:31 PM

tummy. ache.
i think im gonna have PMS tomorrow
ive been in an extremely bad mood (without any reason) since yesterday
tadi i had tuition
then we had a break at 6.30pm and we went to hua ho
i bought waffles, amal bought french fries
and qilah bought nothing haha

we were on our way up to our class
when my ex-tuitionmate (masa di reed's in 2007) F tagur-ed.
Oh, lemme just tell you a bit of her background. she was a big fat small thin liar (haha) back in '07, her hair was and is still dyed red
she once smoked in front of me, which made my beautiful face expression turn FUGLY, and i hated her ever since. and i just couldn't believe that i was gonna meet her AGAIN at ANOTHER TUITION SCHOOL!
brunei is smaaaaall =.=

ANYWAY, she said hi to me tadi so i did too.
then her magic words came out of her black lips (haha just to exaggerate) - "KINAH makin lampuh jua kau! OMG"
and i was like, "okay, this is it. you've crossed the line. im having a tummy ache right now and im so gonna explode..."

but too bad all i could say was "oh *smiled* awu aku makin lapar wah yatah." and i just walked past her and continued eating the waffles haha

so here's what i actually wanted to say (since parutku sakit berabis and i feel like letting it all out of me) :
"awu, thanks. pasal aku kana bagi makan ah, sayang jua kan kalau inda di makan.. eating feels goooood. ko kurus ah, kesian...kesian.... inda kana bagi makan kah? nada life tu eh."

hahahaha how does it sound? padas enough? i just knew, having pms is kinda good cos i'd get to let out my anger.

p.s. i got the "inda kana bagi makan" part from ziyah :) it's the best line ever! and this post only goes to F okay. no offence to others who are trying to lose weight :PPPP

p.p.s. F, you are a poklen
p.p.p.s. people, try not to make me go mad especially when im having pms :) thank you :)

congrats :D
9:46 PM

kaka ejed and abg daryl got married on 26th July
both looked charming and adorable that day
and we had the malam bejaga-jaga for 3 nights (which made me feel a bit tired bcos i was having my exams those days) and i had fun - except the night before my history exam haha

yuyoi had already copied the pics to my hard disk (from malam bejaga-jaga until the wedding) and i was looking through them yesterday again
one picture really caught my eye. the way abg yusof angkat wazien reminded me of taecyeon and jaebeom in their 'energy song' MV haha.

...and NOW SEE THIS!

haha i laughed out so hard when i looked at the pic
LMAO berabis
im lovin' it ;)

(1) malam bejaga-jaga :

ka ejed

look at babu and mamih

dont complain about my hair. freakin fugly -.- i just love the way yuyoi edited it.

(2) berbedak & inai:

"im a strong girl" haha

(3) akad nikah:

i love this photo cuz everyone looked happy in it

some cool moments between ka ejed, abg daryl and abg daryl's brothers.

(4) wedding day!

this is funny dont you think? haha look at abg Daryl he looks like "Oh Mi Gosh it's hot in here like uhh.." hahaha and kaka ejed was like "sabar.. nah nah kipas nah" hehehe xD


i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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