aint that good
2:03 PM

so i got 7 O's and a D! wtfffffffffff that's like one more fking step to a C :( and of ALL the subjects, why Add Math?! i was doin fine (kinda) with that subject throughout 2009! f the exam haha

but alhamdulillah 7 O's arent that bad tho haha. and i cried like hell when i saw the letter "A" for my HISTORY :)
i was really revising hard for it and.... :) and i cried when i saw a B for my chemistry. like SHIIIIIIIZ i didnt even pay attention in that class. and if you guys want some proofs i can show you my TOTALLY BLANK past yr papers hahaha (i didnt answer most of em)

im not trying to show off here, but... yeah :P

hey there affrena zuraimin HAHA (picture removed as of 25 March 2014)

yesterday was Babah's birthday :D

hehe thanks for all of the advices that you've been giving and those really keep me going, babah. yes you do ceramah a lot but to be honest, even though i seemed to ignore those, i was actually listening cuz i know that you have experienced lotsa things and i understand that a dad wouldnt let bad things happen to his daughter. but sometimes i did ignore some if you kept on saying the SAME THING hahahahaha (who wouldnt?! lol typical teenager eh?)

and Khalish also had his birthday celebration at Kimchi Restaurant in Kiulap yesterday :) the pictures are still with Bilah. watched "Did You Hear about The Morgans?" with them girls. and the movie was totally boring....

.....3 out of 10.

and i didnt go to sch this morning :D still too excited wah hahaha

and dont you just love MISS my long hair? cuz i know i do :(

i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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