aint that good
2:03 PM

so i got 7 O's and a D! wtfffffffffff that's like one more fking step to a C :( and of ALL the subjects, why Add Math?! i was doin fine (kinda) with that subject throughout 2009! f the exam haha

but alhamdulillah 7 O's arent that bad tho haha. and i cried like hell when i saw the letter "A" for my HISTORY :)
i was really revising hard for it and.... :) and i cried when i saw a B for my chemistry. like SHIIIIIIIZ i didnt even pay attention in that class. and if you guys want some proofs i can show you my TOTALLY BLANK past yr papers hahaha (i didnt answer most of em)

im not trying to show off here, but... yeah :P

hey there affrena zuraimin HAHA (picture removed as of 25 March 2014)

yesterday was Babah's birthday :D

hehe thanks for all of the advices that you've been giving and those really keep me going, babah. yes you do ceramah a lot but to be honest, even though i seemed to ignore those, i was actually listening cuz i know that you have experienced lotsa things and i understand that a dad wouldnt let bad things happen to his daughter. but sometimes i did ignore some if you kept on saying the SAME THING hahahahaha (who wouldnt?! lol typical teenager eh?)

and Khalish also had his birthday celebration at Kimchi Restaurant in Kiulap yesterday :) the pictures are still with Bilah. watched "Did You Hear about The Morgans?" with them girls. and the movie was totally boring....

.....3 out of 10.

and i didnt go to sch this morning :D still too excited wah hahaha

and dont you just love MISS my long hair? cuz i know i do :(

9:53 PM

is gonna end within 3 hours! well im not really gonna miss this year cuz uh.. it was mostly filled with studying, revising, exam times. i admit, 2009 is NOT really one of the best ive ever had, compared to 2007 and 2008. 2009 was more stressful. however there were also some happy times that i can remember (at least for now hahaha)

Pahlawan was the Overall Champion for this year's sports day!
(trying to remember more.. but uhhh... hmm)
this year's Hari Raya was fun
the trip to KK in June was fun
the topical tests given were fun
the qualifying exam was fun

okay to be honest i dont really have much memorable moments this year besides revising, and the O'Level exam. HAHAHAHA
oh yeah ive made new friends with NUS students towards the end of the year!
Hey Siqi and Manh Huy (and others lol)

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! i hope 2010's gonna be fine. haha

elastic deformation.
11:26 PM

that was the first word that popped out in my head when i was just about to type in the title.

HIIIIIII EVERYONNNNEEEEE did you miss me?! haha

omg the exams ARE OVERRRRR! and i dont know what to do next. (even tho i actually do)
omg this blog is RUSTY already!

ok ok, can i just recall my sweet o level moments first (at least for now) ? PLEASE.
i dont think ive shared this with you guys before. remember when i told some of you that i was really scared of my english grades bcuz of the oral? there's another reason to it.

number ONE (to those who didnt know yet):

me: hello teachers.
both teachers : oh hello! have a seat!
*sat down*
teacher: are you nervous?
me: of course
blah blah then i read the given passage.

teacher 1: so, are you an animal lover?
(thank god i was an easy question - but i screwed it up)

me: yeah you can say that! cuz i have like 10 cats at home!

both teachers: (laughing) oh really?! that's rare cuz i have 3 cats... and most of my siblings have about 4-5 only!

me: yeah i know right! i kinda love them.. (teachers were still smiling)
*until... !*

me: ... but too bad most of them are black in colour.
*at this time one of the teachers immediately stopped smiling and went.... marung*

me: and my cousins have like 13 cats at home and most of them are ginger-ish in colour. and im already planning to exchange mine with theirs cos black really makes my life DULL.


number TWO (this is another reason!)

teacher 2: so what do you think of... Animal Testing? you know, people conducting experiments on cats and other animals..

me: i think it's really bad bcuz it's risking the lives of these animals. and it's even more dangerous bcuz the animals could get killed.

teacher 1: well then, how are we going to find any cures for humans? or even animals? like for the treatment of viruses? some experiments really require animals.

*i went speechless*
me: errr.... errr.... (started to panic) well uhh, we could make PIGS as an exception. yeah, exclude PIGS. scientists can carry out their experiments using pigs. bcuz i heard they have the same cells like those in human bodies right? no? (ketara antam!)

both teachers were laughing and one of them said "but just now you said you're an animal lover right?"

me: yeah but i dont like pigs for SURE

teacher 1: but WE eat pigs (pork)!

me: O.O oh hahahaahaha

then we talked about ambitions blah blah.

when i got home i realised two things:
(a) i offended the teacher by mentioning the word "black" - she's an INDIAN =.=
(b) when i made pigs as an exception.... it really offended them bcuz one of them was a chinese and the other was indian. hmmmm

i really hope that they wouldnt be offendeddddd! and that it wouldnt affect my grades :(
please im so sorrrryyy!

Selamat Hari Raya
12:51 AM

to all my humble (are you?) readers haha
may this raya be better than last year (even tho mine isnt haha)
and to those who are gona have their exam...

keep this in your mind
and and forgive me if ive ever hurt your feelings hahaha

p.s. thanks babah thanks babah thanks babah

130th post!
7:42 PM

i woke up at 11 =.= immediately went to look for my add. math book
and started my revision
today i did Matrices, Indices and Surds
practiced 2003 and 2004 add. math papers :))) somehow i felt different this afternoon..
more.... motivated buwahaha i know i know.. haha it's for my own good kan
finished at around 4.30pm (haha batah... cos i was tweeting and watching tv at the same time)
and then suddenly i pictured Buttermilk Chicken in my mind! nyummm (haha liur puasa)
asked babu if i could make Buttermilk Chicken but then she said she had already planned to pakai the chicken untuk masak merah (nyummm again - but not THAT nyum to me right now cos im bloated)
so i decided to use udang! prepared the ingredients and went to my bedroom again to put my stuffs back in the bag (back in the bag.. it rhymes!)
then i started cookin' at around 5.15pm.. and finished at nearly 6.

and masa berbuka... we tasted it and... IT WAS SUCCESSFUL YAY!
babah rated it 9/10 (yay!)
and babu 8/10 (good enough for me!)
you guys wanna see it? here...

both pictures are not edited okay :) thanks to babah's camera phone
haha cos mine sucks

actually i took loads of pictures of the dish but only managed to get TWO perfect and yummy ones haha

so what do y'all think? (haha) i wanna know your comment hehe :)

baby is getting hotter
2:51 PM

.... and BIGGER.
i guess im done with Chansung (until he gets back in October haha)
back with Taylor :)

it's been a MONTH since ive last stalked taylor (haha)
and when i searched for his pictures on google... he's becoming BIGGER (and more muscular) haha
and hotter of course! LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE (ahhhhh im on cloud 9)

apa eh? im prettier

"im gonna get you kinah" :))

"please, im tired already. dont run away kinah.. come back to me" HAHAH

and then i spotted a few pics of him and taylor swift kissing :'(
i wont post em here. find em yourself!
was heartbrokennnn.. is it because i dumped you? :(
but then! rupanya they were filming a movie called Valentine's Day (with kissing scenes in it =.=)

so.. my heart "un-broke" hahaha (weird word)

and some New Moon pics :) he "sure, sure" looks HOTTT
and he seems "huggable" haha!

wish i was in that car!

oh yeah this "jacob" is bilah swan's not mine haha

oooo im gonna crop my picture and paste it on bella's haha

F you, F !
8:31 PM

tummy. ache.
i think im gonna have PMS tomorrow
ive been in an extremely bad mood (without any reason) since yesterday
tadi i had tuition
then we had a break at 6.30pm and we went to hua ho
i bought waffles, amal bought french fries
and qilah bought nothing haha

we were on our way up to our class
when my ex-tuitionmate (masa di reed's in 2007) F tagur-ed.
Oh, lemme just tell you a bit of her background. she was a big fat small thin liar (haha) back in '07, her hair was and is still dyed red
she once smoked in front of me, which made my beautiful face expression turn FUGLY, and i hated her ever since. and i just couldn't believe that i was gonna meet her AGAIN at ANOTHER TUITION SCHOOL!
brunei is smaaaaall =.=

ANYWAY, she said hi to me tadi so i did too.
then her magic words came out of her black lips (haha just to exaggerate) - "KINAH makin lampuh jua kau! OMG"
and i was like, "okay, this is it. you've crossed the line. im having a tummy ache right now and im so gonna explode..."

but too bad all i could say was "oh *smiled* awu aku makin lapar wah yatah." and i just walked past her and continued eating the waffles haha

so here's what i actually wanted to say (since parutku sakit berabis and i feel like letting it all out of me) :
"awu, thanks. pasal aku kana bagi makan ah, sayang jua kan kalau inda di makan.. eating feels goooood. ko kurus ah, kesian...kesian.... inda kana bagi makan kah? nada life tu eh."

hahahaha how does it sound? padas enough? i just knew, having pms is kinda good cos i'd get to let out my anger.

p.s. i got the "inda kana bagi makan" part from ziyah :) it's the best line ever! and this post only goes to F okay. no offence to others who are trying to lose weight :PPPP

p.p.s. F, you are a poklen
p.p.p.s. people, try not to make me go mad especially when im having pms :) thank you :)

i laugh at people
i sing like a witch(Y)
people laugh at my jokes. SOMETIMES! ;)
edward cullen is OH MY GODDDD. and jacob black is ZOMGGGGG <33
crazy when it comes to white chicks,
crazy when it comes to twilight ;)
hope that craziness will last forever
cos when i'm not crazy anymore, you guys will miss me ;p
i wannabe like one.... NOT ! =DD

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